The FMR library collection comprises of scientific journals, reprints, books, proceedings of various conferences, annual reports and latest product catalogues along with price list of lab ware, lab equipment and chemicals. The latest product catalogues of most of the relevant companies are also maintained in the library.

The total number of subscribed journals is 17. There are over 7400 reprints and 1400 books. Alterations in journal holdings and reprint collection are based annually on the scope of scientific work undertaken at the Institute and the topics of current interest, encompassing a wide range of subjects besides immediate concerns. All FMR Publications are also available for reference.

Internet access is also readily available to the staff and students. Subject gateways, Email-alerts, Table of Contents are provided to staff and student as per their interest area. Inter-library loan service is also provided by library.

The services of library are open to all external users. Photocopy service is provided to the external users on payment.

Computerizations of library holdings are still in process. The library is using CDS/ISIS package for information retrieval.

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