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Where We are Headed

While the Foundation will continue to pursue research to address current issues of infectious diseases like tuberculosis, the Foundation is keen to expand and develop knowledge/evidence in the following areas:

The explosion of recent airborne pathogens, both bacteria and viruses globally, require approaches to examine how they propagate themselves through the air under different environmental conditions (temperature, moisture, CO2) and after exposure to drugs or vaccines. There is a big gap in the Indian landscape of aerobiology facilities that can help to address key questions on pathogen transmission and its correlation to microbial functional properties through transcriptomics.

Intra and extra host microbial environments modulate exposure, virulence and disease processes through microbial competition or dysbiosis within host microbiomes. In terms of respiratory pathogens, there is a cross talk between microbial communities of the gut and lung. Moreover, the dysbiotic gut microbiome is also known to profoundly influence the nutritional status of the host which can in turn modulate the in-host evolution of pathogens leading to the emergence of dangerous and highly virulent variants. Environmental microflora, both live and inactive could on the other hand transmit varied forms of drug resistant engendering genomic units into hosts, modulating the efficacy of therapeutic procedures. Insights into these mechanisms would give us information on the one health network that govern health and disease.

The threat of more pandemics and the looming climate change effect on human health and disease pushes the need to invest in research for improving the existing health systems and crisis preparedness, particularly at the primary care level. The Foundation is keen to develop evidence-based approaches for patient-centred care and building a structure for comprehensive care with its obvious advantages of vertically siloed disease control programmes.

The undertaking of the above focus areas will be supported through networking with national and international institutes. The Foundation also has additional space for use of networking institutes with convergent interests.